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Friday, October 26, 2007

He has an ear infection

Shanna took Ashton to the ER last night around 2 am. He woke up screaming and we couldn’t get him to stop. With the force he was exerting, we were really concerned about the stress he was putting on himself. It turns out that he has a bad ear infection. He was admitted to EIRMC last night and has been on IV antibiotics. We think it is due to the stress, but his sats are down so they have him on oxygen. His pediatrician is on hospital duty tonight so Ashton is going to stay there at least until Dr. Groberg gets to see him. We are expecting to have him home tonight though.

As a side note: we tried working with a health care provider to have some nursing assistance in the home, but after two Aids, it wasn’t working out. So that company referred us to another company. I met with one of their nurses who did the assessments regarding Ashton’s needs. After some discussion, they called me back and told me that they felt that it would be more appropriate to have an RN come into the home rather than an aid. The RN can administer med’s, adjust O2, or in other words they can do anything I would normally do. An Aid is not able to do much more than feed him, rock him and play with him. I think this will be nice to have help; it will just take some getting used to. She has worked with several “high risk babies” in her career so this helps comfort me a little. I think it may be hard to turn things over to someone else, but it will be good to have a chance to take a break or get some things done that have been on hold for a while.