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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Update on Ashton and a recent Picture

I made a post on CarePages but I hear rumor that it has been too long and not everyone remembers how to log into that. To tell you the truth I couldn't either. I had to try several username and password combinations.

Ashton is doing really good. We last met with his cardiologist a couple of months ago and he felt confident that we could go another year and maybe a little longer before his next surgery. He has had good health, only getting real sick twice over the last year and we didn't have a hospital stay with either of those that I recall. He is off oxygen most of the time and his sats are staying in the low 80's on room air and that is really good for him. We will go to surgery when we can't keep him in the 70's even on oxygen, so we are happy that he has been feeling so good. Sometimes it is hard to remember that he has anything wrong with him.

We got some exciting news! Make A Wish is sending our family to Disney World in February. We have heard stories about other families who have gone and can't wait to take a break and have some fun as a family.

This picture was taken about a week ago and yes he really is that cute in person:-)

I hope everyone has a great holiday season.
Take Care,