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Friday, November 2, 2007

Ian Pearson and His Family Fought a Great Fight!

Ian Pearson had to leave his family today when his body could no longer continue to fight. This little boy and his family have touched many lives.

There is an account set up at Wells Fargo that you can make donations to. It is very easy and you can just say it is for the Ian Pearson fund.

Please Keep them in your thoughts and prayers at this time of loss.


Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Night

Ashton is a little pea in the pod
He traded his bink in for a sucker!

Halloween Night at the Church

Sham as Cinderella
Devin (Darth Mall) Dakota (Dracula) Dalton (Robin)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

SMASH (Student Making Activities and Service Happen) answered the call.

The art class kids covered up a tagged fence across the street with their own mural. It didn't take 40 Junior High School students long to deal with months of graffiti.
The students painted pictures depicting school pride, world peace and favorite cartoon characters over nine fence panels covered with graffiti.
Shamra in the green jacket. This article was on the front page of the local news paper.

Off to Logan

I mentioned that Ashton had an ear infection and that he came home on oxygen. I guess they think he might have something going on in his upper respiratory as well. We have all had the stomach flu in our family and it looks like he may be getting that also. It is so hard to tell how Ashton is doing sometimes. He has to be nearly dead before he stops smiling; other than when he is hungry, the whole neighborhood knows when he is hungry:-) We have a scheduled appointment with his cardiologist in Logan tomorrow, so that is perfect timing.
We'll see what Dr. Tani has to say.