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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ashton got better and we made the trip!

I wanted to post this and let everyone know how special Ashton has been to my family.

For those of you who have been checking in on us for a while, you know that I struggled for 19 years to quit smoking. It wasn't until Ashton came along that I felt that I had to quit so that I didn't cause him more problems than he already has with his heart defects. So I quit when he was born. He is now 15 months old and I was finally ordained an Elder. I am going with my wife to interview for a temple recommend tonight and plan to get sealed in the Idaho Falls temple within the next couple of weeks when all of our family will be here. Shanna and I were both married before and she had 2 children before we met. Being able to be sealed to them has been a concern to me for a long time. This weekend, while out in Vernal to be at my nieces baptism, we were able to visit with my daughters biological father and after a total of about 4 1/2 hours and a lot of hesitation, he signed an authorization for us to be sealed to her. I have not been able to adopt her, but what a relief to know that she will be ours forever once we are sealed. We are anxious to meet with our one son's dad and go through the same process, but it is a relief to have one down.

What a blessing this little boy is in our lives!


The Curtis Family said...

These heart babies are truly amazing. I know that I have too have been blessed to have Ethan in our home. Congratulations on all of you accompishments. I pray that your day is a special one and that you are able to have all of your children present.

---Allison (Ethan's Mom)

Christina said...

Wow, congratulations! My step father was a smoker for 40 years before he was able to quit, so I know it is a challenging thing. We flew to California to be with him in the temple when he went for the first time. That was truly an amazing experience for our family. I am sure your family will have that same type of wonderful experience!

Best wishes,
Christina (Jacob's mom)

carolyn q said...

That is pretty cool that things are coming together for you and your family. I can only imagine how hard it has been in quiting. I watched my Grandmother successfully quit when she was 69 and she had smoked ever since she was a teenager. I also remeber cleaning the walls of her home and thinking how bad the smoke and yellowed her walls, yet alone her lungs. What a blessing your quiting is to your family.
COOL about going through the process to go to the Temple and be sealed as a family.

diane said...

Way to go Nate!! Isn't it amazing what we can do if we put our whole heart and soul into it, and of course rely on our Heavenly Father for help. I'm so proud of you, and know that your family will continue to receive the blessings you need as you prepare to go to the Temple. Congratulations to your little family, and I will continue to follow your progress!!
Give Ashton a kiss from Grandma Homer!!

Alex's Grandma

Melissa said...

Way to Go!!! What a special experience you will have with your family in the temple. It is great to have the knowledge we do. I am also glad to read that Ashton is better!
Melissa Andrew

Brynn said...

Holy Cow---That is amazing... I can't quit anything to save my life... Just look at me..those candybars called my name.... On a reverent note..I am really proud of your whole family... This will be awesome.. Way to go your guys...

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Likes Chocolate said...

Congratulations on quitting smoking! I hear it is a hard habit to kick. Anyway, I will say a prayer for you and your baby. Best wishes from another Heart baby