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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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Our understanding is that we don't understand?!.

After reading through some of Ashton’s recent medical records yesterday, we are again concerned for him. I think what really happened is that it just reminded us of how serious his condition is. We have had our ups and downs over the past year but over all we have not dealt directly with his heart, rather symptoms (such as getting sick easy because of his condition). If I understand correctly, his body is growing faster than his Glenn. What exactly this means, we don’t understand but he has an appointment scheduled for Nov. 6th with his Cardiologist. He will have an Echo and we will try to understand what is going on and what the future holds.


We may not know much but we do know we love him and he is cute!

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Mike and Rebecca said...

I hope everything goes well at the appointment and you guys get a better understanding about his current condition. Everyday I'm just amazed at how strong and wise these little souls are. We'll be thinking of Ashton and hoping for some good news.